This Wizard's Journey



Satanic Rosaries

The war between YHVH and the sun-serpent pair is very old indeed. And now, in this country and in these times, the conflict has reared its head again.


Of gifts, gods, and goddesses

Of gifts, gods, and goddesses.


I’ve acquired a second attack wand. I’ve consecrated and named it Boanerges (“sons of thunder”). I charge my wands by meditating with them. I meditate to clear my sixth and seventh chakras, wand in hand. Something magical happens during these... Continue Reading →

Star Fall

Fifty years ago came the warning, with the fall of a thousand suns, and those who witnessed it crouched down and held on to the ground, as if the planet itself was falling, falling through the void of eternal darkness.... Continue Reading →

Song for Two

Two small people, with a far away home in the mountains, under the big trees...that's what we were; that's what we still are... Going back home at night, the footing from the front gate to the side door is tricky... Continue Reading →

How to Read the Heavens: A message for Jannes and Jambres

Reality unfolds itself in fractals, thereby disclosing to us its fractal nature. Fractals: Self-similar patterns iterating on all scales, from the sub-atomic to the cosmic, from the smallest spirit to the greatest: In the shapes of rivers and mountains and... Continue Reading →

Wizard’s Paraphernalia

More Tools for the Tool Kit For the journey ahead and its tasks I realize that will need more than my first wand. I have begun collecting magical herbs and plants. These make fine drinks in the morning, by the... Continue Reading →

Keys to the Wizard’s World

Two keys open the door to the wizard’s world. Or if you will, two lamps light the wizard’s path. One must first grasp ethics as key; one’s path must be lit by an ethical light. The one who would be... Continue Reading →

A short note to my blog followers

Thank you for following on my journey. Please know that I have visited your blogs, and that I deeply respect what you are doing with them, and that I believe that what you are doing with them is good, and... Continue Reading →

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