I’ve acquired a second attack wand. I’ve consecrated and named it Boanerges (“sons of thunder”). I charge my wands by meditating with them. I meditate to clear my sixth and seventh chakras, wand in hand. Something magical happens during these meditations. The walls of the room turn transparent, or fade away as it were, and I begin to feel and resonate with the hum of the trees and fields that surround the house. The hum becomes a song—first faint then strong, and the song then extends outwards into the atmosphere, and upwards into the light and sky. At times the song reaches way beyond, to seas and to stars beyond. And I am vibrating with the songs of all these things, and so is my wand.

It was in one of these meditations that Boanerges showed me in my mind’s eye the amount of power that he stores within himself. I asked him what words I should use to command that power. He told/showed me these three words: “lightning”, “thunder”, and “wind” (that is, a whirlwind). “Wind” drives opponents away in a whirl of psychic energy. “Thunder” impresses darkness upon them, and instills fear and dread into them. “Lightning” is deadly to them, in a brilliant flash.


Mother Mary, the Lord sends the rain upon the just and the unjust alike, and for this I praise Him. For I alone cannot stand before Him. But the Lord does great things for you: He tears princes down from their thrones, and lifts up the lowly; He fills the hungry with good things, and the rich He sends empty away. Therefore I take my refuge in you, and you I trust to lead the way.

Genesis 3:15
Genesis 3:15